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This week’s featured seller on the Etsy Chat Team blog happens to be one of my favorite twitterers to follow: MissMooseDesign.  She’s sweet, down to earth, and has a lovely Etsy shop that she keeps stocked out of her love for crafting and rescuing vintage items.  I particularly like this line from her description on the blog:

“If I had to iron my clothes everyday I would probably run out into traffic. I would say that I am definitely blessed beyond belief.”

Market Bag by MissMooseDesigns

Market Bag by MissMooseDesign

Ok, now I mentioned winning, didn’t I?  Well, at the end of next week, one lucky (!) person will win both a handmade market bag and matching coffee cup sleeve from the shop of MissMooseDesign.  Believe me, you want these items, unless, of course, you never drink hot beverages or go shopping and neither have any friends that enjoy such pursuits.

There are a variety of ways to enter this contest, so, get going!  (Or not, that will give me a better chacne to win) Best of luck!



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