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So, I recently moved into my very own apartment for the first time. I adopted many things from my parents home, two of which were a pair of dining chairs that has previously belonged to my grandmother. Now, as much as I loved her, floral needlepoint is not my style. Neither is sitting on a rock hard surface whilst dining. So, here follows the story of my dining chair recovering process.

My before:


Seat before

These were long-used pieces, with quite a bit of wear and scratches. I started with scratch over and paste wax – with several days in between. That got the wood looking smooth and shiny. After allowing the Paste Wax fumes to dissipate, I began the next step: recover the seat.

Removing the old cover was a piece of cake, and I found that my “before” was actually someone else’s “after.”
before my before

After reflecting on the wonderful things about hand-me-downs and family pieces, I cut quilt batting (3 layers) to fit the seat.  I cut my new fabric to fit the seat, and began what turned out to be long process of getting the fabric lined up properly and tucking and folding the perfect corners.  This involved some trial and error, and some thankfulness that one rarely sees the underneath of the chair.  I also got ot do a lot of hammering, which always makes me feel self-sufficient.  There was some more trial and error involved in screwing the seat bottom back onto the chair frame – my first attempt yielded a somewhat crooked product.  After all of this, I now have the loveliest dining chairs (that I’ve ever had, at least).


I’m not sure that the photo really does justice to the improved cushioning of the seat and look of the wood.  You’ll just have to trust me on that.  Overall, I am so happy with this project: not only that I did it (all by myself), but that I have chairs that more accurately fit my style and remind me that I am, in fact, a grown-up in this “real” world.


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