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Today, I sold my first item on Etsy.com. I am so excited about this. I can’t wait for someone else to own one of my pieces…I’ll have to wait, though, she lives in Australia.

No rest, of course, I’m back to posting more items. Today is this lovely oil painting, one of my first.

Forest Floor, Morning Mist by Rebecca Penny

Forest Floor, Morning Mist by Rebecca Penny

What I love about this painting is the depth of the forest. The ground pushes back and finally into the mist of the furthest background. It depicts one of the aspects I most love about the forest and nature on the whole: the unending mystery. You could walk for miles and see something new with each step. At the same time, walk enough, and the forest becomes like a best friend – present and dependable. It’s always there and always with something to give; we only have to step inside and be open to discover.


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