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This week’s featured seller on the Etsy Chat Team blog happens to be one of my favorite twitterers to follow: MissMooseDesign.  She’s sweet, down to earth, and has a lovely Etsy shop that she keeps stocked out of her love for crafting and rescuing vintage items.  I particularly like this line from her description on the blog:

“If I had to iron my clothes everyday I would probably run out into traffic. I would say that I am definitely blessed beyond belief.”

Market Bag by MissMooseDesigns

Market Bag by MissMooseDesign

Ok, now I mentioned winning, didn’t I?  Well, at the end of next week, one lucky (!) person will win both a handmade market bag and matching coffee cup sleeve from the shop of MissMooseDesign.  Believe me, you want these items, unless, of course, you never drink hot beverages or go shopping and neither have any friends that enjoy such pursuits.

There are a variety of ways to enter this contest, so, get going!  (Or not, that will give me a better chacne to win) Best of luck!



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I’m not sure how any other Etsians feel, but for me, photographing my artwork is like a second go-around at the creative process.  And, sometimes I find it frustrating.  GreenTeaPot

Photographing the 3D pieces can be like a photo shoot.  I’ve got a curvaceous model just waiting for me to capture the most attractive angle.  I can be creative and emphasize my favorite features.  It’s almost like I’m getting a second chance to create art from a similar yet separate idea.  That, I can handle…it’s even fun most of the time.

Still Life Rocks and WoodI haven’t found the 2D art to be as cooperative.  After all, I created it to be exactly what it is, and it is more about content and emotion than form and function (that isn’t to say that emotion is not present in my ceramics).  For shots of 2D work to look “right,” I have to get the shots straight – there is one correct angle.  I have to get the lighting fust right – to bring out the color and texture.  There is very little play in this realm, and I find it constraining.  It feels much more difficult to draw the character from a painting (or drawing or etching) into a photo.  It seems almost unfair to ask those works to prove themselves in front of the lens.

So, what is there to do about this?  In short, I don’t know.  Spending more time with my camera and with my art might do it.  Taking some time with my thoughts might also help me to write descriptions that convey the intent and character of the pieces.  Perhaps it takes trust as well: on my part to remember that I am my own worst critic, and on the part of viewers that what they see – as nice as it might be – is far more in person.

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Today, I sold my first item on Etsy.com. I am so excited about this. I can’t wait for someone else to own one of my pieces…I’ll have to wait, though, she lives in Australia.

No rest, of course, I’m back to posting more items. Today is this lovely oil painting, one of my first.

Forest Floor, Morning Mist by Rebecca Penny

Forest Floor, Morning Mist by Rebecca Penny

What I love about this painting is the depth of the forest. The ground pushes back and finally into the mist of the furthest background. It depicts one of the aspects I most love about the forest and nature on the whole: the unending mystery. You could walk for miles and see something new with each step. At the same time, walk enough, and the forest becomes like a best friend – present and dependable. It’s always there and always with something to give; we only have to step inside and be open to discover.

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My first item

I’m in the process now of listing my first item on etsy.com, and I am so excited.  On one hand, I can’t believe that I’m doing this, on the other, I can’t believe that it took me so long.

I think it will be a sad day when I have to pack up a piece and send it off.  Especially one I love as much as this one:

Green Coil Bowl

Green Coil Bowl

However, I know that when (hopefully) I get to send it to someone else, it will continue to be appreciated.  Sigh.

Well, I just clicked ‘finish.’  It’s officially listed – go check it out!

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