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Today, I had the distinct pleasure to browse both a large community yard sale and the area set aside at the Recycling Center for the deposition of unwanted, though usable, items (it’s a free Goodwill, really, with a 4 item limit).  This got me thinking about recycling and how I think it used to be a familiar everyday concept.

recycleThis is probably more accurately “reusing,” but I think the  term “recycling” has evolved in meaning to encompass all that is using something that already exists.  Of course, there is upcycling, repurposing, etc.  Whatever you want to call it, I think it is fantastic.  Instead of running out to Target to get something shiny and new (which I don’t think is always bad), I love the warm fuzzy thought of taking something that someone no longer needs and giving it a new life.  I think that used to be the American way – or at least the way of the Southern housewife.  It’s how I grew up: we couldn’t afford to rush out and buy everything new, and we had plenty because my mom was crafty and conscious.

Now, unfortunately, I see that the contemporary American way is something far less conscious.  It’s more about impulsive decisions to do what suites at the moment because one wants to, someone said it’s better, etc.  For instance, Cash for Clunkers…while I love the environment and think often on the impact of fuel consumption and the like, this program seems absurd: It says that a solution to an environmental issue is to buy something better.  It couldn’t be to drive less, carpool, or keep unnecessary waste out of landfills.  Yes, buy another car is the clear solution.   I find myself thinking, “That is SO American.”

And that makes me sad.Plate

Mug I’ll be ok, though.  I have my free handmade coffee mug and $0.25 plate to cheer me up while I wait.


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